Jewellery Masters: Lauren Batten

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Lauren Batten

Lauren Batten is the product developer, designer and co-owner of Ayana Jewellery. She hand-crafts each piece of jewellery from raw-silver to the finished product, creating elegant, beautiful, fun and travel-inspired pieces for customers all over the world.

Sydney-based Lauren uses only raw silver to create every piece of jewellery by hand, in her creative home studio. Each piece is different, created with care and passion and designed with fun-loving women in mind. Her guiding ethos is simply that jewellery is to be worn and enjoyed every day.

These simple yet amazing pieces are created in an eco-friendly studio. Therefore, Lauren uses eco-pickle solutions instead of harsh chemicals, recycling all of their waste metals.

Lauren was kind enough to do a Q&A with me. She chatted about her work, jewellery and design, and much more.

Tell us about yourself, and your love affair with Jewellery.

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Sterling Silver Necklace

I studied as a silversmith (jewellery making) in New Zealand. After that, I moved to London where I met Vincent. Together the journey of Ayana Jewellery began.

We re-located to Sydney in early 2015 and re-launched Ayana Jewellery, designing and making contemporary fashion accessories from our creative home studio in Sydney.

When did you first realise you wanted to make Jewellery as a career and what has been the best thing about following this career path?

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Sterling Silver Rings

I actually first studied interior design although I always had a very creative upbringing. My mum was always trying new crafts with me. As a child, I even had a little craft desk of my own where I could sit and create as much as I wanted.

Jewellery has always been a passion and I saw a night course advertised so gave it a go. I loved it so much, I applied for the 2 year silver smithing course in another city and off I went.

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Sterling Silver Earrings

I’ve had all sorts of jobs in between studying, and now having my jewellery as a small business. But the best thing is with my partner we have now created our brand and it’s getting out there into the world. What a buzz when someone posts a pic showing off their jewellery that I’ve made on social media!

As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

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Bracelet and Ring Set

Inspiration comes from our travels. My partner (the marketing man for Ayana) and I met in London, and travelled all over Europe together. A person’s ‘desire’ to see, feel, taste and yearn continually inspires us.

Our designs resonate from cultural motifs to architectural shapes and forms.  I just love architectural forms and try to incorporate these straight lines and edges into my jewellery designs.

How would you describe your designs?

My designs are simple and understated. They are made with the thought in mind that jewellery is to be worn every day.

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Sterling Silver Bracelet

Every one should be able to enjoy handmade jewellery – our jewellery is priced and crafted with that in mind.

What are you currently working on?

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Drop Earrings

At the moment we have just finished preparing for our first trade show so it’s been all go! But next up, I am going to be working on some new ranges for mid-2017. These will include rose gold plated silver, and a bridal range including some cuff links for the guys!

What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into the jewellery design?

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Get yourself signed up for a short night course or a jewellery making day class. Also, spend time finding out and exploring what types of jewellery you enjoy making. There’s lots of different mediums you can work with, some requiring a lot fewer tools than others! Just start being creative, whether it’s for a hobby or you want to make it into a small business. Just start creating and if you make things you love, then there will be other people out there that LOVE them too!

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Sterling Silver Pendant

You can find Lauren’s talent and creativity at: